Do you agree? What do you think?

Recently I finished my new track, and want to fix all issues before upload it to jungle.
Many peoples think that track have problem with 4th chord… what do you think? Track have harmonic problem?

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I don’t think there’s a problem with the chord progression and the notes played on them.
Though, at 0:29 there’s that single piano note which sounds kind of weird. It’s OK for my concern, but it has to be OK for the reviewer, so I’d stay on the safe side and change that one note maybe.

Oh, and the ending… The piece ends very abruptly, a small ending chord (just a few notes, I understand that it has to stay quiet) might finish the track better.


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Hi GMultiMedia,

i enjoyed your track. :slight_smile:

The fourth chord is fine, it’s D Major and it makes the track more interesting because you switch for one measure from Aeolian A (which has F natural) to Dorian A (which features F sharp). Is this right?

It would be less interesting if you were playing D minor as your fourth chord. That’s my opinion btw. I hope it hepls.

The overall sound is beautiful and the track is very good.