do we really need new authors?

More review time, more items on tf-gr-codecanyon etc. more reviews. more rejections, more problems.
Turn off the site for new registrations. That’s my opinion. Sorry new authors. We need money

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Raising the bar on what is accepted would be a good idea, but stopping new authors altogether? Who’s to say that the guy who was going to sign up next week might create the next big thing when it comes to Wordpress, or the 2017 version of extruded logos and parallax slideshows.

It would be like shutting off new companies or products after a certain date. No Facebook, no iPhones etc?

If people were restricted from innovating, and coming up with new stuff, then you’d probably have to post your items to Envato on a cassette tape, and they’ll fax you at the end of the month with your earnings report.


you must be joking :v

You are not able to understand how work the world

Yeah, and there will be only authors copy-pasting their themes, only changing name. Do something really good and new authors will not bother you. Recently I saw a theme, with description copied from author’s previous theme, they even forgot to change theme’s name in description :))

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I agree 100%. If the new registrations was closed I would never do my single and innovative item in GR called Animated Parallax Tool Kit, because it’s created only in AAE, not PS. And there are more reasons but we will not go into details.

Look at it from the other side: If you maintain the site and Envato is yours. Will you want to close the new registrations?
I have no problem with new users simply do not think about money. This is the biggest problem. Make innovative products every month and the money will come. Success and good luck! :slight_smile: