Do we need model release for photos used in preview videos?

Hi folks. We’re about to upload our fist video templates, but I’m confused about the model release.

The guidelines from Envato about model release requirements seem to be referring to “footage, images and photographs”, but there’s no mention of the use of photos/videos in previews.

Do we need a model release for a video template which only uses stock images of people in the preview?

Our video template preview uses stock images that we’ve licensed - the same way we use stock images in the previews of graphics templates (as placeholders).

So it seems logical that we don’t need a model release when only using stock images in the preview, but just wanted to double check here as the upload form warns that failure to upload a release results in rejection.


Hi, nope you don’t need one for video templates, especially for properly licensed stock photos. But you would need one when uploading photos or stock videos :smiley:

Perfect, thank you for confirming @Atamotion !