Do we have to support rude customers?

With the new support additions for our items, we agree to offer 6 months support if the item is supported, more if they pay for an extension.

We’ve always had the guideline that if a customer is rude/offensive they are cut off from support, after all why should we have to deal with that? So, how does this work when technically the customer shows up in Envato as “Supported” ? Is there any way we can cancel (and even refund) someone’s support who we don’t wish to support?

You can always transform a rude buyer in a happy customer…I’ve had a couple of experiences like this. It depends if you are willing to do this…after all, it’s your product and most probably you want to make sure it works correctly. I can’t describe the hapiness and the feeling you can have when a difficult, angry customer, in the end, gives you a 5 stars rating and leaves you a positive comment about your support…

Yes I understand that… in the past we have had great experiences converting complaints into happy customers but this doesn’t answer my question.

Sometimes customers are rude, offensive and unreasonable and in this case I’d like to know where we stand with regards to Envato’s support policy?

Just remember “the customer is always right” :wink:

Just remember “the customer is always right”

Haha, I wish that phrase had never gained popularity as it has led to a serious problem with consumer entitlement. Everyone thinks businesses must cater to their every whim!

I think you raise a good point… Envato claims we’re the seller, yet we can’t choose who we sell to (tax reasons) or issue refunds (support reasons). Unfortunately with the current support policy, when a customer buys an item, they also own your soul for 6 months for a few dollars, and we all agreed to it, because we have not choice really, other than leaving. The only think that brings hope is that Envato might actually give us more control as “the seller” but the current system puts the customers needs first before the author - so there isn’t much we can do, you just have to accept that 1 out of 100 customers is going to give you a hard time :wink:

I have to disagree here. I have worked retail for the first half of my adult working life, and I can tell you rude, offensive and threatening customers were asked to leave the store, and if they refused, the police were called to force them to leave (if not arrest them for trespassing).

I have not, and will NOT support buyers that curse, demand or threaten me (either physically or verbally). If they are that unhappy with my items and my support, they can request a refund and I will happily back that request.

Of course, I am never rude, offensive or threatening back. I always respond with respect, even to the most abusive buyers. I have only had two buyers that acted this way. One apologized and everything worked out great in the end. The other was I believe banned, and all of his comments and rating was removed from the item.

I can not believe Envato would force us to support buyers that act this way.


Well selling here is different to retail, when someone buys your item, 6 months mandatory support is included, which authors need to honor. Sure in a retail shop you can ignore a rude customer, also usually a shop front will say “right of admission reserved” - they have the choice who to sell to and who to provide support to. Envato is very different, an unruly customer can easily give an author a hard time, a bad review, and even request a refund… have you ever gotten a reason for a refund? Nope, Envato will usually take a customers side first over authors.

in my business, after 15+ years online, I have a ‘blacklist’ of over 160 customers who are banned (out of several thousand good ones). Some people are, unfortunately, mean, drunk, stupid, abusive, rude and/or dishonest and you don’t want them as customers. i think all authors should have right to refund/ban the (thankfully rare) jerks. Like a nightclub or bar that has a bouncer that ejects the morons. I even IP-address block troublemakers.

What helps is for there to be Rules that are published to everyone, to try and prevent problems, with examples. Like, give authors 24-48 hrs to respond, not 60 minutes lol.

Your peace of mind is important, right? :slight_smile: