Do These Tracks Have Any Audiojungle Potential?

Greetings, Comrades!

Do you think any of these aggressively non-Corporate tracks have any acceptance and/or sales potential?


Just try it and tell us. I think it’s too harsh for AJ but who knows

Thanks for listening. The first one is way harsh, I agree. (By design). The other two are less intense, but still too much for here maybe, I don’t know.

“Groovy, baby” could fit well break beat category.
“Fun house” it is very nice but there are some “drum stabs” too rude for my ear the rest of the track is great

Thanks again. Maybe I should have gone with Nasty Cat instead :joy:

I guess my bigger question is: Is there a need in the global stock music marketplace for tracks that are on the abrasive side of the spectrum? My instincts tell me yes, but perhaps Audiojungle is not the right venue.

I think the mix/master would be to agressive, abrasive like you said. But just try !

I could be wrong, but it seems that there might be a little more flexibility in a category like Experimental/Abstract, as opposed to one of the more popular genres, where expectations are fairly rigid.