Do themes strictly follow typography?

I read a lot about typography lately and found this wonderful site But none of the items here actually follow such a vertical rythm. So I am wondering if that is actually relevant in web typography. What do you all think?

Vertical rythem may work in simple examples like this but in complex TF quality templates/themes it’s hard to follow, if not impossible.

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Yes, same are my thoughts on the subject. In my opinion the typographic aspect for TF themes are limited to the look and feel of the design, many are not following 'em’s either, margins and paddings are given in px values. But ironically the reason given for most hard rejections are regarding typography.

rules are made to be broken. If you can respect the typography respect it if not then just brake the rules

Vertical rythem is one aspect of good typography, there are many others e.g. typeface, font-weight, font-size, line-height etc. When the theme is rejected based on typography it is usually these others factors. I dont think reviwer will reject any item based on vertical rythem only. Infact, I asked this specific question to the reviwer (although it was 4 years ago) and according to him following vertical rythem rule is not required.

Regarding font sizes does anyone follow a typographic scale? I usually follow with two bases, but since themes have ‘theme options’, it is getting less relevant, I think. Buyers will set font sizes anyway they like.