Do soft-rejections affect your "ratio"?

A quick question: do “soft-rejections” affect your rejection/acceptance ratio?

The reason I ask is: I don’t think I’ve ever received a hard rejection for any of my submitted items, but recently I received a couple of soft-rejections for issues related to uploading the wrong preview file. Though, this was resolved quickly and the items were accepted.

With ratios being somewhat important, I’d figured I’d ask the question. Thank you in advance!

Yes they do play a part. I don’t know if something has changed since I asked this but the answer is that the ratio is affected.

Really? I don’t understand, if your item is good, why this ratio does matter?

That’s my concern too. Surely the nature of the soft-rejection should come into play here?

For example: Like I said above, the only soft-rejects I’ve received were related to issues with the upload process. It would be sad if that somehow impacted my “quality ratio” when the soft-rejects had nothing to do with the quality of the product.

The logic behind this is how much of a burden are we to the reviewing queue, so if a reviewer need to waist time examining your item twice, this plays a part.

@sotto3d @MatVanRhoon it is all about stock footage/motion graphics right?

It is not about After Effects Project files? Because I think After Effects Project files are quality based.

While I understand that logic, I don’t necessarily agree with it. I don’t believe I’m the only person who’s had an issue with the upload process which has resulted in a minor error with the submission.

In my case, the error I made was the result of being unfamiliar with the new uploader, and not enough easily accessible information on how to properly use some of its features. As I said, it was resolved and approved within a matter of hours. I certainly hope something like that doesn’t make people a burden, or mean they are “wasting a reviewer’s time” enough to warrant a dent in their “ratio”.

Then again, I believe we are still only making assumptions here. So who knows how it really plays out. Perhaps in cases like this we need more information about what happens.

@DrMotion - yes, we are talking about stock footage/motion graphics.

Thanks for linking that information. While it provides an insight into soft-rejections where reviewers need to go back and forth as a means to “guide” the user to improve the quality of their submitted work, it still doesn’t answer the question of whether or not simple technical issues related to the upload process (and not the quality of the product) fall into the same category.

To me, an ideal situation would be: “If we have to spend a lot of time guiding a user from a soft rejection to approval, or have to do this often, then this will affect a user’s ratio. If items are soft rejected on the basis of minor technical issues related to the upload or submission process, and are able to be resolved quickly, this will not count towards a user’s ratio.”

That way: artists are not being punished for small issues that have virtually no bearing on the “quality” Envato seeks to maintain, and are easily resolved in a way that doesn’t burden the reviewers enough to consider the process a hassle. Especially when small errors like this are usually one-off occurrences where artist wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) make the same mistake twice.