Do single-concept WP themes sell?

I’m wondering if single concept WP themes (just 1 design, no 10’s of homepages, no 20 themes in one) still sell here on Themeforest? I am checking the recently submitted items and pretty much everything is multi-concept. Any examples of recent (say 1-2 months) single-concept themes that got some sales?


If you don’t offer something new, I don’t think it’d sell. Buyers prefers to buy “multi purpose” themes these days but I’m still creating clean/minimalist themes ( not selling good thou but it’s OK )

I think single concept themes sell in time. I mean, these days blog themes gain sales only while their are on first pages on the market, then they just dissapear in this huge desert of blog themes that we’re having on ThemeForest.
Yet a single-concept theme will not lose buyers in time, simply because it’s concept-focused. It just does not depend on which page of marketplace this kind of a theme is.