Hi, I use “echo do_shortcode” at copyrightsection at end of my theme but now I reallized that thay not work correctly. if you have any suggestion please guide me

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry I cannot load your site. What doesn’t work? Give a screenshot of what it looks like and what it should look like.

thank you for your response


must be

this is my code

thanks again

Does this section load via ajax by any chance? Because do_shortcode has issues rendering shortcodes in ajax loaded content.

Hi, thanks for reply but this load without ajax

Offtopic: Might want to check this out where Konstantin discourages the use of do_shortcode()

Yep that stripcslashes doesn’t look right. Shouldn’t that be done on saving into the database?

Not sure why that isn’t working. You can try echo do_shortcode("[social … whatever [/social]"); and see if that works. If that works then you know it’s a problem with whatever text is stored in the database.