Do reviews help get exposure?


Do reviews of your tracks help your tracks come up when people search for that genre?
In other words, does it help the algorithm (if there is one) to get your track to be more visible?

Any info on this would be appreciated thanks!

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I don’t know exactly how the algorithm works (I do know there is one though) but it’s my understanding that ratings, reviews, comments, and number of purchases do all play a role in where track ends up in search results in addition to the relevance of the name, tags, and description.

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What I have seen, experienced and learnt from other authors is that there are authors who “game the system” by reviewing each others tracks to get comments which results an item trending even if an item has not made any sales. I get authors who follow - unfollow and then follow in order to gain top or pole position on my profile page. Authors who spam my items with comments in the hope that I will return the favour will be sadly disappointed as I know what is going on. I only appreciate buyer reviews and ratings although these are very rare to get and I find it funny how some authors get a number of reviews and ratings in a very short space of time. If you investigate these comments and follow the rabbit you will see a pattern and a cheating scheme being played out. Funny but pathetic at the same time.
So back to your original question. No I do not think that reviews help get exposure. Your own marketing using external websites and quality items, consistency and reputation will get you exposure.


Probably not.

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Yes, I was very surprised to see some items “trending”… but with no sales.Only many comments…

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I had no idea this scam was going on. It’s crazy what people will do to avoid just putting the work in.

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Welcome to the jungle.

Another “scam” employed is self-purchasing. Look out for items that come out of nowhere and start selling in huge numbers.


okay thank you!