Do I really need a membership program?

Hi Guys n Gals

Im developing a new members only type site and although I have been looking at wordpress membership addons and programs I have to really ask myself (and you) if I actually need a members type program?

This site has a couple of requirements, I will list them and hopefully someone smarter than me (not a great stretch) will be able to advise what I actually need.

The site is a car club for owners of show cars, vintage cars that attend car shows with their vehicles.

The site will have a registration form for the owner to use. I am assuming this may need to be woocommerce form or something as there is a nominal fee for a yearly membership (yes, renewable each year). There is also a nominal fee for each vehicle registered (if the owner has more than one vehicle).

The owner completes the registration and pays their dues. They are allotted a “client area” where they can log in and view/pay their invoices, also update/add/change vehicle registrations. Obviously this is a private page that will only show the information for that username.

On the website there is also a form for car show attendees (the public) to leave a message or to contact the owner. I need a folder or something in the members “client area” to upload these comments in pdf form, and again so it is private to the member. I can do this manually as I am not sure how it would be done automatically. I will be using the vehicle registration plate as the identifier.

Needless to say that I was looking at membership forms but they seemed to be mainly for separating members into classes like bronze member, silver member etc and not individually. I cant see how this would help me to have an area where I can upload files for a specific member.

If possible I would love to have a support ticket built in. If this is another plugin accessed by members dashboard I dont know.

I was looking at wordpress for this, but if there is something more suitable out of the box I might consider it.

Anyway, if anyone has experience in this type of thing I would love any advice I can get.

Thanks again.

I guess that no one here has had a need for a membership program?