Do I need to upload files again in Soft Rejection?

Hello Guys,
I got my all items soft rejected that are in queue.
I want to ask you guys that do i need to upload files again or just mention the price only.
and one thing more is that its saying "Documentation must be set or marked as N/A"
But i did not find option in that edit menu
can anyone guide me?
@charlie4282 @Enabled Thanks for your reply


I got the same soft rejection for an item that’s in queue right now, and I just mentioned for them not to forget to set the documentation to Well Documented ( in my case, change as needed )


Good luck :slight_smile: soft rejected

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Sorry I did not get your point.
Do I need to upload zip files, thumbnails and theme preview again?

and in the hidden item edit menu, I did not find the Documentation point anywhere. :frowning:

Thanks, but I think they will be reviewed again after the updation but hoping for the best.

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That message you see at the top of soft rejected item is misleading. All the soft rejected items are just because of the new Author driven pricing. You just need to set the price for your item and upload the zip for your files and resubmit. Thanks

@imithemes Thanks for guiding

I did the same. Added the price, added the main zip file, submitted! :slight_smile:

I got soft reject for my 3 templates that are in queue. I just updated one with price and main files.
when i go to update 2nd item, the files that I have uploads for previous template are still there.
What is the issue with that? Do anyone have idea about that?

Uploads remain there until cache is cleared. There is no problem in this. You can upload your other item zip.

Okay Thanks. @imithemes

but they didn’t ask to reupload files in the review…

If an item is soft rejected it means it has some sort of bug in it that makes it unsuitable for buyers and for preview purposes. If you fix the issue locally but don’t upload the files then that means your buyers will receive the broke version of your product. While the preview image and thumbnail are not mandatory for reuploading in case of a soft reject, the preview / demo file and the main zip are mandatory and must be reuploaded. Otherwise the result will be the release of a broken item.