Do I need to provide source code for my product?

I developed an application using Next.js and strapi. I want to sell this product, but I do not want to give away the source code of this project. I just want to sell the build folder to the client. What does envato say about this situation?

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You can’t. You will have to share the source code.

No you need to include all the editable source code

Even if the product appeals to the end user? And it wouldn’t be nice if someone else stole my code.

It’s just the way it works - otherwise it’s a quite different model and prevents people being able to customise it to their exact requirements.

You can implement purchase codes etc to help minimise issues but even the giants like Adobe etc cannot completely prevent their items being misused at times

It might be a good security measure to at least implement, but if I give the customer the full source code the customer can remove the system required for purchase key verification. I think this feature can only be implemented well in WordPress themes.

I think Envato does not provide full support for the sale of such applications.

It doesn’t matter if it’s WordPress theme or not, you will have to take care of these problems as well by yourself but the point you cannot hide the code or offer a service. The code has to be full and provided without any restriction.

You may consider the service if you want to deal the situation on your own way but Envato won’t be an option to sell, you will need to do it on your own, too.