Do I need to have website?

Hey guys I’ve been designing a web template in muse and I am ready to upload it. It’s seems like I have to give preview link in submission form… So I am confused Do I need to have website for that?

You don’t need a website but you need the capacity to host it somewhere as TF won’t do it for you

You need a demo site, for customers

hi, actually u do not really need to have one, however , that may not hurt u as it wille probably be way easier for you to promote your item indeed … :wink:

Well, I will dis-agree with those guys, who are saying it is not important. Website makes your online presence on internet. It makes your visual for world. You can get many direct customers from internet through organic or paid SEO, customers can read all about on your services or products. People can get your contact info while suffering internet to search relevant result.

I must say website is first impression for online users or customers. If you are interested you may [Removed to prevent self promotion as per community guidelines ].

I believe these are small team or good designers and developers but very cooperative and loyal.