do i need ssl support for demo link ?

HI i am new here on this market place.
I have question. Do i need a demo link with ssl support mandatory or if i submit a product with a non ssl demo link will it be rejected…?
Thanks and Regard.

you can go with non ssl demo link. ssl is not mandatory but better.

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Hi @tsoftlab,

As @mgscoder said, it’s not required. We’d prefer you use HTTPS for your demo URLs, but at the moment we accept plain HTTP demo URLs as well. In the future this may change, but we have no concrete plans for this yet.

Aside from the requirement, these days it’s a best practice and browser vendors are starting to mark plain HTTP pages as “Not secure”. There are a number of ways to get free HTTPS for your pages, from simple (using a Cloudflare free plan) to more complex (setting up Let’s Encrypt certs yourself), and these days a standard domain-validated certificate from a commercial CA is relatively inexpensive.