Do I Need Regular or Extended License?

Recently I’ve purchased one code canyon mobile app product with a Single license.

I’ve purchased it for my one client.

Where my role is to set up the panel & deliver it to that client.

During Installation, I got multiple issues & contact the concerned Author about it.

During conversion, I tell them the usage of that product & now they force me to purchase the Extended License of that product.

So, I’ve given brief on it about the Single license is for my 1 client only & that client does not charge any amount from their end-users. Also, the client who does not resale it or not will try to do multiple copies from one single product.

So, I need community feedback upon this concern where Do I need an Extended License for that?

Thank You

The table/explanations you can see here explains very well that in this case, you’ll need the Regular License, not the Extended one:

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Thanks for sharing.

What if the Author is not understood this term & I need the full refund on my purchase? Can I eligible for the refund?

Contact your theme author.

You may even get the work done from regular license. You don’t have to purchase extended license. If something doesn’t work as advertised then you may get a refund