Do I need grouping my layers in illustrator?

What does “Layered” mean in upload process? Do I need grouping my layers in illustrator?
Am I allowed to use two artboards in one ai file?

separate fonts, images, group, and shapes. so when someone buy your item they can find each elements properly. yes you can put multiple art boards in on ai files.

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For example we have a bird illustrated. How must be separated layers in Illustrator?
Main-Object -> [All path]
Tag-Line -> [Texts]

Like this?


so far I only use two groups in every design I create, that is group text and group logo icon :grinning:

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The simplest way to check this is to give your work for someone. For example - If I open your work and I can navigate all things, I can edit what I want without FBI inspection and CIA research for layers = it’s good.

You can make groups etc. but all is about fast editing.