Do I need a Regular or Extended license if the plugin I bought is free for everyone with basic theme


I would like to purchase the “Palleon - WordPress Image Editor” plugin, but I can’t decide which licence to choose.

The plugin will be available for free for everyone, with all themes and icons added by default. But I thought I will create some templates of my own, which I will sell for money. The plugin will be available for free, but my templates that I sell for money will be editable in the plugin. So the purchased plugin itself will be available for free to everyone, but the templates I create for it that can be edited in the free plugin will be available for money. Of course, the templates created by the plugin will remain free to access and edit.

Which licence should I choose? Is the Regular License enough or do I need the Extended License?

Thank you for your help.

You need express permission from the original plugin author, and an extended license to include it with anything you are creating. You cannot include it or distribute it for free or not without that.

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I can sell it, I know this from the author. But I will not sell the plugin. I would like to sell pictures, what people can edit with a bought plugin. Everyone can use pluing for free, but I will make pictures for sale too, which they can edit with the plugin.

The plugin is not free - how can people use it for free unless there is access that comes with your pictures?

This would require the original author to submit a ticket validating this and give you the ticket ID, and and extended license.

If you just want to sell the pictures without getting involved in how buyers access the plugin then you do not need any licenses.

The plugin is not free, but my visitors can use it for free on my site. The license says if I provide what I bought for free I need Regular license.

I would like to sell images, which they can edit with the plugin. But I don’t know which license should I choose.

I contacted the author, but he/she doesn’t provide support, but I wrote to him/her a message, I hope I get answer soon.

Thanks for your help.

Any access to another item as part of what you are selling would typically require written permission and an extended license.

If buyers are using it ‘on your site’ rather than being able to download a copy then that may be different.

Your best option would be to ask Envato Author Support.

Okay, thank you for your help!

Have a nice day!