Do I have to set a payout?


I keep getting bumped to set a payout destination. I only have a couple items in my portfolio, and I kind of like keeping my meager earnings in Envato so I can use them on Envato products as needed.

Do I have to set a payout destination? If I do, will I have to withdraw my earnings?

Thanks for any help!

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Since envato has set automatic withdrawn system for each month, you should set the payout destination, but if you want to use the money you earn here, you can move the whole money in your videohive credit.

Yes you do - it’s an automated process and not having something set would allow people to stockpile earning which is not allowed

Let me add to this: Earnings can only be moved to credits when making a purchase. It is not possible to move all your earnings to credits and then purchase something from that at a later time.

If you do not want to get a payout you will have to spend enough of your earnings so that you are under the payout threshold at the end of the month.

Not setting a payout destination does work as well - however, Envato may reach out to you and ask you to set one, maybe close your account if you don’t do so.

This is guessing:
Envato does not want to hold a lot of money in their accounts because that can have legal implications of them being treated as a bank and not a marketplace. So they rather pay you out as often as possible than keeping the money.


Hello @MissionComplete

Go to payout option from themeforest:

You can set paypal, payoneer account, minimum amount must $50 in your earning for withdraw

Thanks :slight_smile:

Aha, I thought that we can move all the earning to credit, good to know that