Do I have to pay tax on my earning to Russia government?

I will be thankful if you have any information to tell me. I asked some authors but I didn’t get a specific answer.
If I fill W8 form under Russian citizenship, Envato withhold 0% from my income as tax. But do I have to pay tax and report my income to Russia government later?

What’s your guess?


Of course you have to pay local taxes, no matter what forms you fill on Envato (unless there are no taxes in Russia, which sounds impossible). Put simply, if tax is X percent in Russia, you have to pay X percent from your final earnings (after Envato takes its own share from your sales).

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Envato withholds 0% so that’s why I was confused if there is any tax for such income or not as there isn’t in some countries.

Envato’s withholdings is for US Tax. The % withheld varies, ranging from 0% to 30%, depending on tax treaties between a given country and the US. In any case, you still have to pay your income taxes in your own country. How much you have to pay and how is different for every country, but in most cases, you still have to pay something. I’d be surprised if this were not the case for Russia as well.

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In short, if your country (Russia in this case) has income tax (I’m 99.999% sure it has), you need to pay this tax for any income, no matter the country your earnings come from. The only exception is if you already paid income tax in the country your earnings came from. Needless to say, you will need to provide legal documents to Russia’s Federal Tax Service about this.

You may also want to consult Federal Tax Service because there might be some minor adjustments. For example, our country has a rule that if you raise kids, you can pay a bit less income tax (but overall, you still have to pay).

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Payoneer в помощь :wink:

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