Do I have to buy multiple licenses for a software as a service that uses assets purchased here?

So without giving too much information, I’m creating a B2B 3D room creator as a new feature for a software as a service that I work for. We have several clients, and each client will be making multiple 3D rooms for their customers (as a part of the service). If I model the furniture on my own (still thinking out logistics here), I would still need patterns and textures for the user’s furniture. I was thinking of using patterns and textures graphics from Envato (I have Envato Elements).

Will I need to create a license for every single customer and every room they have (We have around 1,500 accounts, some some of them will have several dozen rooms) or do I just need one license for the room creator software itself?

In a nutshell yes but also items are not allowed to be used in SAAS or ‘on demand’ products/services (point 12 so I don’t think that this would be allowed in either circumstance

Thank you! The last thing I want to do is get the company in any trouble or not use assets in a way their creators intended. Do you know where I could get an asset one time and use it as needed in the situation outlined above? Or if there is a specific name for this type of asset? I was going to search for 3D furniture assets as well, but this is all beginning to seem like I’ll have to model the furniture entirely on my own and create my own textures…

The best option would be to have something custom made - this avoids potential licensing issues and means it’s more built for purpose. You could try (better protected than just finding a random freelancer)

It’s not an area I know much about I am afraid but I know that ‘on demand’ is often a challenge with most stock marketplaces.