Do I have the right to report this review ?

Hi there,
A customer rated my item with 1 star and he saying " there aren’t skin colors that change the website "
He is speaking about the style switcher and we all know that the style switcher should not be included in the main download file,
I already reported this to Envato, but they refused to remove the rating.
Do I have the right to report it ? if so, should I report again and explain more ?

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Add a note to the item description that “Color switcher” is not included to the theme. As the preview website/live demo has that option, it’s normal that the buyers are asking to have the same features. I don’t think Envato would remove the comments/reviews but if you add the note and have the issue with other items, you can claim that the information is there - after that you may get the review/comment removed but it’s too late for this one.