Do I have access to updates for licensed plugins and themes after a Envato Elements subscription expires?

Hi there,

I’m considering trying out a year long license for Envato Elements since the cost of some of the things I’m interested is near that price anyway, and I find myself often looking at Envato items. One thing I’m concerned about is future updates.

If I bought plugins or themes singularly without the subscription, I get free lifetime updates for them. If I decided in a year that Envato Elements wasn’t worth it and I cancel, will I still get lifetime updates for the plugins/themes I licensed during my subscription, or will I have to repurchase them to get the updates?


There is no guaranteed support or updates with elements subscriptions.

To get these you need to buy the item as usual, and then you get lifetime updates to items (as long as it is for sale and active on the marketplaces)

Bummer! Okay, well that makes the decision for me. Thanks for the response!

Worth pointing out - if you are still subscribed to elements and the author releases an update then you can acces that (as long as you are still subscribed) but if it’s a file you plan to use for the long term then using the main marketplace might be wiser