Do I get beta tester badge?

Hey guys, I’ve been selected to test new upload tool for the stock footage, which is working great btw. Do I get the beta tester badge for this? Technically this is still beta feature, right?

Is the first rule of beta testing club, ‘you do not talk about beta testing club’? But yeah, you’d be best speaking to whoever signed you up for the beta testing and see if it warrants the badge. Sounds like it would to me!

Ahhaha, good one. Nobody signed me up, it just appeared.

Ah right. I’d say probably not then. When Envato try something out on a subsection of their users, it’s more that they’re beta testing something on you, rather than you’re beta testing something for them. Especially as they’re not looking for you to provide feedback or anything.

Well that sucks. But at least uploading an item now is not the pain in the ass anymore.