Do Edits help with your sales?

I’d like to hear some people’s opinions on this.
Does having a variety of edits help with your sales?
I imagine it would but I have some tracks that I updated with additional edits and it didnt seem to make any difference to them (even with item views staying around the same number).

I also tried to edit/update my old items, it didint seen any difference at all (at views, sales, clicks etc.)

My biggest regret was not providing different versions of length when I first started. For the past 18 or so months I have been revisiting tracks - remixing, rearranging and doing edits to provide tracks with usable versions to make them more attractive to buyers. Sometimes I find it easier with my mastering software to start cutting and splicing the finished track.

Sometimes it works, rarely.

That’s probably because those old tracks are buried in the sands of oblivion and don’t pop up in the search results. But it’s not the reason to not do the edits/versions, IMO. If a buyer has 2 similar tracks from different composers and both of the tracks work for his project, he’ll buy the one with edits, just because ppl like MORE :slight_smile:

Ideally the track should be written with the intention to let the editor make all the changes by himself, like shortening, having different versions like instrumental and vocal or even mixing different stems. There are certain rules in production music like never change the tempo or don’t change the key or time signature. Also, making pauses in certain points in your track can be very useful for editors.

I did shorter versions of some of my tracks with no significant difference in sales. What I do however is always add a no choir or no guitar version. I think these are the most useful edits.

Well, I think it is important to have multiple versions, but when you update your item is also important to update your tags. It’s good to take care of your portfolio. :slight_smile:

The more the merrier. They sure couldn’t hurt!

Hello @MyBeautifulMoon

Sale depends on your item quality, support, ratings and comment of buyers.

New buyers will check all above things, they also check last updated date of your item, So you have to keep your item up to date

Thanks :slight_smile: