Do creative headlines reduce the number of sales?

Do you think creative headlines reduce the number of sales? Tell about your experience.

IMO No - but it seems that many authors update titles after initial review of item. Also many authors use keywords and tags within titles which is gaming the system. Creative title for creative tracks is the way forward but what do I know. I suppose you could always infringe trademarks and brands to sell more until some authors calls this behaviour out. Quality item might result in a sale but there is no guarantee anymore as we race to the bottom thanks to price dumping by authors and the promotion of Elements everywhere on AudioJungle.


Unfortunately, creative titles don’t work well in the search engine here, and generic titles are rewarded. Personally, I’d prefer generic titles to be banned, as the keyword stuffing and ridiculously long titles reduces the perception of professionalism imho. Another site that I know of, has banned generic titles, seemingly with no problem.


If Envato is not willing to enforce proper titles for items that don’t abuse keywords, maybe they should at least consider allowing a mix of creative and keyword titles, like other sites already have. For example “CREATIVE TITLE (Cinematic Intense Trailer)”.