Do any one have a sharp eye to find the bug


my WP theme
is stuck in soft rejection so wondering if any one have a better eye then me so find it, i am not able to find it on any browser or platform.

  1. Low-readability: - -

let’s see who has sharp eye :slight_smile:

So? What’s not clear here?

Your breadcrumbs, body text and buttons are barely readable. Improve contrast and everything will be OK.

While I had similar problems and I bet I can guess which reviewer rejected your theme, in my case it wasn’t so drastic. In your design it’s really barely readable, especially the breadcrumbs and the body text (pic 1 and 3).


is it possible to see the screenshot of what you are seeing, since for me it’s very clear and visible.
appreciate your help for this,


Well, I didn’t even check your theme demo. I only checked the screenshots from the rejection details and they all make sense. Your body text is too lite and barely readable, your pagination links are too light and barely visible, and the buttons text is too light (font-weight problem I guess).

I have just checked the demo and it definitely looks better than the screenshots. May be you fixed the colors meanwhile. Also, don’t forget to check your demo in Chrome and Safari as they render fonts differently.


I have not edited anything and i got the issues from themeforest 2 times but i donot see any issue in my theme, so i am trying to replicate the same to get this sorted. its like something which i am not able to see but reviewer seeing it.

Heads up, your demo is blocked by Bitdefender:

This is probably a common chromium bug, see an example:
But the issue is, it’s 100% on the reviewers end, not yours.

What I’ve noticed is that this issue primarily occurs when the webfont is already installed on the computer. Perhaps they have installed Raleway.

Unfortunately after many years I’ve yet to find a way to force Chrome to render the webfont from the web instead of depending on desktop fonts (which would fix this bug), but my search has yielded no results.

Maybe you can change the font to something similar?

Thanks my friend, your suggestion is good, i also think its chromium bug only, but its just giving me hard time :frowning:
i am going to change the font and see how it goes.