Do all right but get rejected

I write jquery lib for alerts.

  1. I write code with comments, settings etc.
  2. Preview video
  3. Screenshot
  4. Preview image
  5. files include the demo files + lib from video preview

I dont have any luck with envato because I dont know what to do if I provide all stuff what you ask.

You also have to be a business value adder. If your item does not deliver real value over what already exists in the marketplace, then it could be the reason why you face the rejection.

That is the best guess I can make.

Try to work on something that can be used for business in the real world. Alerts are simple and there’s just too much of them around but that’s just my humble opinion.

No one gonna sell easy code, that is a fact. Its not only alerts, its options and solution for others.
In there market I did not find similar item, that`s why I made one.

What did the response from the review team say? Perhaps this might hold a clue as to why you got rejected.

Eitherway, nobody in the forums can help without looking at what you’ve created, so in addition try to provide a link to your demo page.

Pretty sure someone will give you good feedback.

Its auto email I get all the time - “…it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward…”
It just makes no sense.

Same with me.i am also looking for some valuable advise how to avoid rejection. planning to upload theme soon.

It will depend on the item but you can share demos here to get valuable feedback before submission.

If you don’t rush and become president occupied with earning, that is always a good start.

Make sure whatever you are submitting has premium value (something that can easily be found for free somewhere else won’t cut it) and that the value function is clear.

Pay attention to quality not quantity and focus on attention to detail.

How i can share template of rejected item to get valuable feedback.

Share the demo link here (not the entire download)

Our security is throwing up all sorts of issues with that link plus the site is mirroring a completely different one? Why would it do that?

this link is working fine with and it is only for testing purposes. you can check the web template as for me it should have been approved

Almost certainly it would be rejected immediately if mirroring another site

Actually i am un aware about envato policies … do you meant that it should not be placed on any domain? do you see any other problem in this templete

Our security is flagging a lot of issue with loading the site so I am afraid it’s not something. I am going to visit

There has to be a demo but mirroring another site intentionally looks a bit suspect. Why would you need to do that?

i have not shared this link while uploading this template in the market… this just for you to check the demo. is there any other way to send you the demo

You need to find a way to host it securely so that you have a link to submit when the time comes.

perfect. thanks for that… any other valuable advise?? i think you can advise me much more after seeing the template… i want to show but i dont no how

halo, i have some problem with my product. my product always reject on code canyon. this is my demo link :