DMCA Takedown

Hi! I found today that someone has stolen my flyer. I opened a ticket but I got the answer that I need to do DMCA takedown. Ok do I really have to pay 199 dollars to take down one item ?DMCA wants so much money. Incredible story. What should I do?

Dont use the paid dmca service. Just send a normal dmca to envato.

Here’s some information from the Envato help site:

Some more reading:

And some more reading:

Basically just google for a sample DMCA notice, fill it in, then send it

DMCA just means “This is a formal request for you to take down an item because I believe it is infringing my copyright”


Thank you very much. This is very helpful

hi bro, i know what is the item that u are talking about, i saw it indeed, but honestly i think that this is not the same creation, the guy is using your elements without asking your permission first which is not good and not done (i guess he has been misleading between a free download for the free file of the month and the right to use elements which is not at all the same) and i think that in the first place u should contact the guy and threaten him just like u did, if the guy doesn’t do anything and keeps on selling this item, then u can contact envato and ask for them to have the item taken out of the market and explain why … . I don’t believe that u really need to do what u mentioned, anyway , no matter what this is, actually this is sadly difficult to fight against violations, if envato doesn’t get the job done and takes out the item and maybe the guy’s account, as we can witness with sites cheating all GR guys …


Can you share the email to where send the DMCA take down notice.

Thank you