DMCA letter for fiverr

Hello guys,

I have found many users using my templates on fiverr, I went to to open a ticket for support about the copyright, but they asking to many information to fill it out. Is there someone has DMCA template ready for fiverr. That’s will help alot .


You don’t really need a DMCA template, just write to Fiverr and include all of the following:

  1. That you are the copyright owner of the infringed work.

  2. The URLs of the infringing Fiverr gigs.

  3. The URL of the original work.

  4. That you have good faith belief the URLs provided do in fact infringe your copyright.

  5. That you are requesting the infringing gigs be removed.

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Thank you bailey, I will send them email now


I worked on DMCA Sender to send DMCA Takedown notice.

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