DMCA claim

Hi everyone! So, I gotta situation. I’ve uploaded my item at AJ and it starts to sale. Then, someone claims my item. IT IS CORPORATE item!!! they are all simmilar :smiley: Now I’m loosing my sales, cause my item was disabled.
Envato says that it’s DMCA was from a not Envato author. So… Maybe it’s really to close to some popular music?!
SoundCloud didn’t claim it, strenge thig really?!
here is the link:

now I’m trying to make counter DMCA, but I don’t know who claims me. Envato support don’t gives me contacts of that author :frowning:
They freeze all my earnings(not only from this item), and disable that item!!!
I think thats not fear, because everyone can make DMCA now and disable someones item without visible reasons.

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Strange situation, I hope it solves soon

the problem was solved, my counter dmca worked well :slight_smile: