DJI Mavic

Hey guys, what are your opinion on this drone, does anybody here have it? I wanted to buy it for shooting the stock footage, but I have some concerns regarding the video quality. Judging from the youtube reviews, the footage is a little bit softer than the one shot with phantom 4. And the reviewers here are getting “a little” bit unreliable, they won’t even accept my gopro footage, so I don’t know how they’ll react to the 4k footage from this drone…

I use Phantom 3 Adv for shooting aerial footage if its good enough to get sales here so I’m pretty sure that the Mavic’s footage will do just fine since it probably have a better camera than the P3.

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Thanks for the reply. It’s a big investment, I’m also considering phantom 3 4k because it’s way cheaper, but this one is ultra portable. Are you satisfied with the sales of the drone footage?

Sales is doing ok (when Envato switch on the sales button) I bought the P3Adv in Feb of this year and since then I rarely touch my camera its aerial 90% and camera 10%.

When the P4 came out I almost bought it but when I saw the footage comparison between 3-4 there’s was not that much different so I went for the cheap P3adv (even though the video size is only 2K).
Like many P3 owners I’ll wait for the P5 hopefully DJI can learn something from this mistake.

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And whats the situation for the building licences? How do I know which requires one? Are reviewers accepting footage without that permit/licence?

Which country you’re in? I’m in Bangkok when I fly in the city (which is rarely) I usually fly about 300-400m so that I don’t have to worry about building license.

I’m from Serbia. I think that we don’t need licences for most of the buildings here, but I doubt that I can prove that to reviewers when uploading. Just one more question :slight_smile: What are you thoughts on DJI Mavic, is it worth the price or should I go with smth else?

For me I’m in this for the stock footage reason so image quality is everything if I’m loaded with cash I would definitely go for the Inspire with X5pro cam. Portability is not that much of a concern for me as I dumped everything in the back of my car anyway.
So I’ll wait next year for the P5 hopefully with a better camera…!!!

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Hello guys!
Been doing some research on the drones latelly and I this is my opinion.

If you look for portability 0 go with the Mavick, but, you really do not have room for mistakes cause the video quality is good only if you get it right at the start. Now, I think the Mavick has obstacle detection only in the front, but no quaite sure, when the Phantom 4 PRO has on all the axes.

If you are going for the image quality, go with the Phantom 4 PRO, it got really better quality image than the Mavick and the sensor is bigger in the Phantom 4 PRO, but, is really not that portable. I mean it is, but not like the Mavick.

If I would have to pick, I will go with the Phantom 4 PRO. But I am still crying like a baby for the Inspire 2 and the ZENMUSE X5S :smiley: