Distortion on Burned CD

Hi guys, I must plunge us into the dark ages of the 90s for a moment. I’m trying to burn an audio CD, and I keep getting these periodic stuttering sounds on some of the tracks, like on here - https://soundcloud.com/martinemes/cd-distortion/s-A4GtU

So my question is, is it a bad batch of blank CDs, or something else? I’m 90 percent sure that I had the same problem a while ago with different CDs and burning on another computer. I’ve tried burning at lowest speed, and in different software. The source files are Wav and they aren’t too loud or anything. I don’t apply volume normalizing.

Does anyone actually burn CDs any more? :slight_smile:

Thanks! :+1:

I had a similar problem a couple of years ago, with my old recorder. The problem was the laser, had to replace the recorder. But that noise also appears in old CDs and most commonly on recorded CDs (starts in the last tracks, outside the circle)

Did you tried with a different brand of CDs on the same recorder?

That’s all I have to say, about the 90s. :eyeglasses:

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Thanks, yes that’s right it’s usually the last couple of tracks. So that can happen to old burned CDs as well? I’ve noticed one disk that used to be fine now has it but most are fine. I’ll get some more blank CDs and if it’s still there I’ll know the burner is the problem. So then I’ll burn it on another computer and hopefully will be fine. I only need a CD because my parents hi fi system doesn’t play anything else. :slight_smile:

You need to let your parents rock that Hi Fi system!

Useless info: About old CDs, the urban myth says that home recorded cds, that were burn at high speed, get rusty on the edges (that noise in the last tracks) after 8 years. Some times is caused by a “fungus”, dont know how to say it in English. So back your 90s up!

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Thanks, I will do that!