Dissatisfied with the service

The theme is so intuitive and looks so good, but the installation service is so bad, I hired this service to have installed the one click demo options because they didn’t work right, and eventhough they offer a ready to go installation with all the default setting, the service provider, theteamblossom and Envato Studio, said that it was plugin error and I had to contact with the theme developers. The fact is that the oneclick demo plugin is included in the folder and it should work just running the theme. If the theme doesn’t work properly I cannot say it’s properly installed so I’m afraid I have paid for this service for nothing, I am so dissatisfied with this service, with Envato Studio and the theme blossom, if you cannot properly install this theme, don’t offer this service so I have lost my money and my time with the 1 day express installation

Hey there. We’re sorry to hear about your bad experience. Have you contacted Envato Help and Support about your issue? I’m sure they’ll be able to assist you!