Displaying a payout has disappeared

Hello everyone!
Previously, this place showed the amount of money that would be paid in the next payment. Now it’s just empty space. This is the first time I’ve seen this. Is this just a bug on the site or something else? Anyone else too?


Check your mail, probably you switched to new payout method and need to update your payout info

Will the payments for this month still be made according to the old method?

I received a letter 6 days ago. The subject of the letter is “We’re changing the way we pay our Authors.” This email contains a link to the payment method, between bank payment and PayPal. I have always received payments through Paypal, essentially nothing has changed for me after receiving this letter. But I still set the payment method to PayPal.

This is what the payment method page looks like now. There is a note that the method via PayPal is active. As far as I understand, the payment method is configured correctly. However, the amount of the next payment does not appear in my account in the “Payments” tab.

This is normal as discussed here:

Yes, just for this month.

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Thank you, I didn’t know about this.

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