Disgusting use of my music on youtube



Recently I found a viral video with my music on youtube upload for one of the most popular youtubers. This video have around 4 millions of views in less than 2 months. This guy take one of my tracks and he decide to sing and use my track as a background music in what is supposed to be a funny video. The letter is very offensive, with sexual explicit content, with christian religious images and words that can be very offensive for all the christian community, etc., Content that really goes against my ethical and moral principles. This video is now viral on youtube, and there are many people upload this video with my music to his own channels, also are tutorial teaching to play the part of the piano, remix of the song on youtube and soundcloud, etc,. a real disaster!

So, where is the limits for the buyers? I can´t find anything about in the terms of the licenses. Is very important that Envato be clear in what can do the buyers with our music. I don´t want this for my music. I don´t what my music in videos that don´t respect the religious of the people. I don´t want my music in videos with sexual content. I don´t want my music in videos that promote the violence, animal abuse, etc., etc., etc.,

I wrote to support but I don´t have any response until now. I wrote this thread asking for support from moderators and all the community. Is really important to have clear terms of uses for sellers and buyers. I do not want my music involved in these types of videos, I feel very embarrassed knowing that my music is use it in that video.

If some moderator can handle this, Here´s is my ticket support number: 308326

Thanks, and excuse me for my english.


Hey E_soundtrax,

I am afraid I can’t help you with any information regarding your dilemma, but did want to write and offer some words of encouragement. I have often worried about my music being used in a shall we say, less savory context. I just try to remember that I did the best job I could on the music I wrote and I can’t always control what others do. I agree with you that I would not want my music used in anything that I would consider offensive and if you find out any info about how to fight it let me know.

Good luck!


Hi, have you reported that video on YouTube? Because, as you described, it really looks like an inappropriate/offensive video, YT staff should remove it.


So this is a remix… hah this will be great… i wanna too :blush:


I’m afraid I have to say that if you have chosen to sell your music here, you have to accept that people can use it to whatever purpose they want. If the youtuber broke any Youtube rules or used your license to purposes he has not paid for, you can report this to Youtube. Otherwise, you need to realize that all your customers won’t have the same moral values as you do. If you don’t want to accept that, you should consider stop selling your music.


This part of the license might help when it comes to trying to get the video taken down…

You can only use the Item for lawful purposes. Also, you can’t use the Item in connection with defamatory, obscene or demeaning material, or in connection with sensitive subjects.


Which is vague enough not to mean anything.

“In connection with sensitive subjects”… hum, anything may be deemed a “sensitive subject” depending on who’s calling it.


I agree with Pengus here. It’s part of the deal. You potentially can reach buyers from around the world, but you can’t check and validate their moral values beforehand.

Also, an author moral values may differ completely from another author’s. There was one author who wanted their music to be used solely in Christian friendly projects(!). Another did not want his music to be used in anything related to meat, as he was a vegetarian… How could a buyer know which author would not approve their intended use of the music? It would be such a mess.

I do understand what you’re feeling though. One of my track has been used as the official logo of a Midwest church. My own set of moral values made me really upset when I found out. I also found several gun/weapons themed videos using my rock tracks. That hurt. But that’s the way it is.


@E_soundtrax Feeling you! I don’t think you can do much here except flagging this video to YouTube if you find it abusive. Also Envato support should assist you better on this regarding their rules of license usage.

As guys stated - it’s a part of a deal and ‘ethical’ barriers are different to each person. You’re responsible for what you are doing, not others in that case…And of course there are a lot of people who can potentially put unethical content with your music to the world and it’s their shame, not yours. You can’t be chasing every bad guy, but you can focus on those who is making a differences for the better with your music!


Oh, but don’t you know them hypocrites? They only push against the nameless and the harmless, while all the junk of YouTube gets away with it, because, you know, it generates profit and the sheer fanbase of those freaks will tear your support apart, not to mention the network protection.
I think you could at least come up with a statement, that you do not support any of the ideas in this video and find this use of your music offensive. Definitely contact support. Also, if there are viral uploads of the video, they don’t have the license to use your music, i.e. you can try to monetize all of them via AdRev and spend the money you’ll get for charity or something. Weird, I thought Envato covered the defamatory use in their license agreement… If so, worth a shot fighting back. Whether openly or anonymously - that’s your choice, depending on the results you want to achieve…


Hi guys, many thanks for your words. Now I’m just waiting for the support answer for take actions for take down that video. I think that we need a minimal restriccions for the uses of our music, Yes, I know that all can we have differents moral conceptions, but at least we must included some pharagraphs about racism, explicty violence and religious and sexual discrimination.

@SpaceStockFootage where I can find that paragraph that you copy about the terms of use? Many thanks, I think that can be helpful for flagged the video on youtube, but before I need to know the position from envato in this particular case. Many thanks!


By the way, on YouTube there’s a famous blogger who once made a parody of one of the Taylor Swift’s songs with an extremely violent plot twist in the end of his video, got several million views, then taken down by her label. And his fans were so angry, and the vlogger himself so pissed that they forced YouTube to bring the video back online. It’s like mafia, I tell you. But good luck to you, I hope you’ll find at least a satisfactory solution.


E_soundtrah Hello!

I on your place would have written in support of the They helped me a lot with a lot of questions and very clearly working (except that sometimes the answer comes in a week) :wink:



Thanks for the link! :wink: