Hello Buddy,

I saw that the reviewers reject most of items for VISUAL HIERARCHY & SPACING AND ALIGNMENT issues. I think we should understand what is VISUAL HIERARCHY & SPACING AND ALIGNMENT.

So, Experience designer can teach us by providing some good articles, tutorials, blogs & others which will enrich our VISUAL HIERARCHY & SPACING AND ALIGNMENT knowledge.

Feel free to ask in the comment section.

Thanks in advacne
Anik Sarker

hi buddy u should try to show your work and we will try to show u how u can improve your work in this side …

Check it. Comment there https://redpen.io/qy5230ef19d9809228

for me there is really an issue of alignment as for the rest not so sure, except obviously that they expect all people in all category to use wokrd out typo and typo combinations …

now if u ask ne i am sad about the way the web evolved with all the se portal-like sites that are basically not differing much from one to the other and which are more about technique and languages than design , creativity/originality and aesthtics

I also have this issue. Who can help with this?

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