Discrimination on Envato

Hi guys I decided to share with you my fatal recent experience from here with one seller. To keep with forum rules, I will not post developer name and plugin name.

Recently I bought WP plugin here. Plugin cant be activated on my site as it check developers database of hosts, he dont like and take as “bad” hosts. If such host detected, plugin cant be activated. I had conversation with seller and he said that he allow his plugin to run only on hosts that follow law of United states of America (DMCA). Every host that will refuse to follow law of USA (doesnt matter which country is host based) will be banned and plugin will not be activated. My host is LEGAL well known European host, based in Cyprus, which is LEGAL country with own law.

I never seen any similar behaviour like this in my life. After I have seen that developer keep firmly in his position and dont allow plugin to run on my host because he simply dont like my host, I gave up arguing with him and asked him politely for refund. I cant use his plugin, so its logical, I want my money back so I can buy other plugin.

Because seller was explaining his behaviour by an anti-piracy fight and fight for honesty I was thinking - such a extremely honest person and honesty fighter will have no problem return my money if I cant clearly use his plugin because of his subjective political and ethical views. Now big suprise come, He said that I can change my host and that if I dont want to change my host to run his plugin its my problem and that by buying his product I was basicly agreed with his approach. Unbeliveable, but he really wasnt joking.

The only mention on plugin description on Envato was sentence in plugin minimal requirements to use plugin on reliable and ethical host with link to his website with example of good hosts from his point of view ( Hostgator, Siteground and two others - all with referral links) Thats all.

How can I know what host is ethically good or not good from any developer subjective side ? My host is legal and official with no known criminal history and clear anti-piracy policy, only they refuse to commit to follow law of United States of America, because they are NOT USA BASED host but European host so they follow European law and local law in country they are based.

Now I have plugin I cant use, because developer dont like my host which is ridiculous and he have got my money and dont want to refund it. I wrote complain to Envato so I will see how it goes.

I think this is an example of clear discrimination. Discrimination of my host, me as a client of host and me as a client of plugin developer. What he can do next ? Sell only to republican, not democrats, only to white, not to black, sell only to women not man ? That all is same discrimination as decision to sell only to hosts he like. This is international software market not political group.

What do you think guys. Is that developers behaviour okay or not ?

Completely disrespectful should be banned


While I understand his reasoning, I don’t think this should be allowed on CodeCanyon and I’m curious how this plugin passed review. There are better ways to fight piracy.

His disrespectful behaviour is obviously not okay too.

Did you contact Envato support to escalate this further?

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Hi there, I initiated REFUND, which was rejected by seller, so I wanted to initiate DISPUTE, but after I submited form form disappeared and nothing happened - in cases tab ai have 0 cases and no confirmation email received. So I had to contact envato by normal contact form and described problem. Its already 2 days and not any reply yet.

I think behaviour of that user is absolutely unacceptable. Its basicly scam and clear discrimination as he basicly stole my money as I cant use his plugin unless I switch to host he like and refuse to refund money with ridiculous explanation that its my problem that I have bad unethical host (from his point of view) He basicly force by this people to switch their legal and offcial hosts to the hosts under law of USA otherwise they are screwed and cant use his plugin, which is not cheap.I would call thet racketeering.

Getting a reply from Envato sometimes takes time, but I guess you will get your answer any day now. I’m sure they will handle this :slight_smile:

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I’m a seller who fights piracy too, but I believe you should not only ask for a refund, but also report this item (be sure to take your time and include all the evidence) because it clearly violates Envato policy and should be removed from the market.

And keep us updated.

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That’s because review process doesn’t involve installing item. They just review the overall code, without examining how item works, which is logical (because it would take days to review every single function used in item).

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