Discounted price issue

After add discount, price is not visible:

In which resolution are you checking? I have checked in FF and chrome both are fine and no issues. Please clear browser cache and check again.

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Please share your browser version, go to Browser -> About and copy paste the version here. Also, what operating system are you using? Version / Update? I’ll tag @rosssimpson who is part of the Envato Engineering Team, but they need as many details as possible to setup a testing environment and fix this issue. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Seem you are right, works fine with latest browser.
This happen on my laptop where I use Firefox Developer Edition (version 69.0b1).
It’s even an old version of browser.
macOS Mojave.

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I’ve passed this on to the responsible team. That version of Firefox is quite old (83.0 is the current release version; dev builds are v84+ as of today).

They’ll take a look to make sure it’s not happening on our currently supported browsers.