Discount trial invitation mail arrived

Hello, I received an e-mail in this way, but I could not see any improvement on this subject, so where, how and when will it be done.

Hi nexus-digital-market,

We’re inviting a select group of authors to help make the experience on AudioJungle and VideoHive better for authors and customers.

We currently have no way to show customers when an item is temporarily discounted, or “On Sale”, so we’d like to test changes of various layouts to highlight these types of discounts.

In order to ensure we’ve got enough data to measure the impact of these changes, we’d like to invite you to participate in our testing, by nominating items and electing to discount them during our test period. We’ll be launching an A/B experiment on 11 February with new ways to display “On Sale” items to customers.

A quick note: because this is an experiment, participation won’t impact your items’ eligibility for any other promotions or be considered as one of the 6 promotions allowed per item per year, as set out on our Discount and Promotional Pricing Policy. Items will still be eligible to be included in all upcoming promotions (the regular nomination and selection process will apply).

We’ll be testing displays on the category pages, item pages, modals, cart page and checkout flow so customers have a visual reminder of their great deal throughout their journey.

What’s in it for you?

Your item may be displayed in a block at the top of the category page
Your item may show visual markers of being “On Sale” throughout the customer journey
Your feedback will shape the feature we are developing
What we need from you
We’re looking for a variety of items across AudioJungle and VideoHive to be discounted by 20%, 30% or 40% for 14 days or 30 days. These items may be featured in a promotional block, which will be tested in the number 1 position on the appropriate category page.

To ensure accurate results, we’re looking for a range of items covering different categories (the list can be found on the form page, linked below). You may nominate multiple items across these categories and at any time, we will display up to 2 items by the same author in the same category.

To get involved, please nominate your items through the form here.


The Envato Team

It says : “We’ll be launching an A/B experiment on 11 February with new ways to display “On Sale” items to customers.”

I received the same letter a week ago, and I gladly accepted the invitation and set up the corresponding project.