Discount tool issue.

Only works discount tool for regular license. There is no option for discount for extended License.

But when iam activated regular license after discount 30days not works extended License price updating.


what error are you getting!


If you check the ‘Set Your Price (US$)’ section you will see:

Please note that changing the price will prevent discounting for 30 days.

There is showing notice : please note that changing the price will prevent discounting for 30 days.

After updating not reflected immidiatly
extended License price. But after long time hours later showing updated extended License price. This is first time facing issue. I have tested incognito also not effective.

I also faced this issue few times in the past and I think it can be envato cache problem. In the item page extended price change sometimes take time to get effect the new updated price.

If you like you can contact author support with screenshots of the item page price section and the price update section (in item edit).


Just now I have changed extended license price one of my items and the price change effected/reflected immediately.

I suggest you can check any item after regular license discount try to update extended License price.

One of my item discount was till 20th March and just now changed extended license price and reflected immediately.

Ok.Thank you for updating. We will check and let you know. Why this happened for me. Thank you for quick response.