Discount on Travelo Theme

Hi to the comunity…
I have recently bought the travelo theme for wordpress, and after initial few issue, everythings seems to be going well, but populating the theme with my data, i have found an issue, i have tried to contact again soaptheme but still no answer from them.
The theme is a hotel booking theme, so there is a function that should calculate the discount, in percentage, for a particolar room of the discounted hotel, i mean i setup the hotel pippo with a discount of 5% and every rooms of this hotel will be dicounted of 5% (i think). But applying the discount and applying the rate of security deposit to pay in the booking phase, no discount is applied to the entire amount of the room’s price and no reduction is applied nor in the booking phase nor in the paypal payment phase…

Could you give me some hints on how to solve this issue? the website is

thanks so much

Is this a feature which is listed as part of the theme? It sounds like something which may require further customisation or at least configuration in the commerce back end.

How long ago did you contact the author? They seem to reply quite quickly to comments on the item so should come back to you

This feature is a part of the theme, and some fix released last year
confirm that…

Version 1.5.4 ( August 24, 2015 )

  • Fixed some admin fields for tax, discount, price value so users
    can add decimal value
  • Updated accommodations, tours and posts shortocode layout.
  • Fixed some minor issues.

Seems no customization needed for this feature, we are talking about
of discount for rooms booking
for hotels and tours.

The author seems to respond very quickly, one or two days, and they
also answer on my first request

indicating to enable discount option in the hotel page and enter a
security deposit to make the

discount appear in the booking process.

But after some test with negative results, i ask again more help on
this issue, specyfing that

following their instructions the discount doesn’t appear in the
booking process, and no price

reduction id applied to the total price of the room with discount
option activated.

Last mail i have sent to them is dated september,21.