disapprove project, affter effects template. help please

Hi. remade the project, improved the Animation, changed the font, word position, color,
video preview. And they still don’t want to accept it.

What could be another reason, is it really so bad that they don’t want to approve, or is the problem something else ?! help me please.

In the project I use the font Objective -
Objective Font Family - Dafont Free from this source can I send a link to download it?

Cmon you already got feedback for this project :smiley: Your other projects share the same mistakes mostly. Asking more of the same won’t change anything. Put in the work to get better.

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splashes and other elements add at least a little originality to the project.
If I correct these elements and the distance. Then will it pull for approval?
And I wanted to ask for an opinion, if we talk about the originality and similarity of projects, then for example there is a fresh project [link removed]
very simple, no different from hundreds of others, and it was approved,
thanks to which it was approved, there are really a lot of similar projects, and there are much better ones.
It turns out that I can generally remove all kinds of elements, splashes, etc. Leave one animation of words, and logically they should approve it?!
I am interested purely out of curiosity to understand what is good for them and what is bad.
thank you for your opinion

Yep, they do :smiley: But if executed in a “meh” way, without excellent design and well-done animation, it can even hurt the project as it becomes not an exciting addition but yet another thing done wrong.

Firstly, by the rules, you can’t resubmit hard rejected projects with “fixes”.

But if you fix the project so much that it evolves and becomes a completely different project, unrecognizable compared to the rejected one, then yes theoretically there is a chance of approval. But only if all the mistakes are improved upon, the style is improved, and animation principles are executed much better.

I don’t want to sound like a downer, but improving your taste to even “feel” what quality is bad and what is “good” takes time. And so does improving your animation or other aspects.

Let’s quickly say your quality is at 5 for templates currently (maybe it’s better or lower, I can’t judge so strictly by a few projects :D). And lets say that it needs to hover at 7.5-11 to get approvals. Fixing spacing or cutting out the rough animations will only improve the template up to 5.5 maybe. Cause the fundamentals like style and animation still will be “ehhh” without those core improvements that take much longer. Or not that much longer, with smarter practice and creation approaches (like choosing to perfect the animation based on some reference and practice with it, which you later transfer and apply the next time you animate, or starting with your own unique spin or idea) rather than doing the same mediocre projects in the same ways.

As for “simpler, worse competition getting approved” it can by any of those:

  1. Life is unfair, and that turd indeed got lucky this time! :smiley: (but we don’t want to play with luck every time, we need to be certain that our projects are good - thus we need to improve).
  2. It probably has some part (or many parts) of it executed excellently, maybe your taste can’t even see that yet, before it reaches the “great” level.
  3. It could be a project filling in a not-so-popular niche - style, type of project, usability case etc.
  4. Whatever else random reason related to the market
  5. Or probably any combination of the above mentioned reasons.

Stop looking for ways to sneak through just like “someone else seemingly did”, and put in the work. There are no shortcuts. Even if your barely enough quality project would get approved, with the competition that’s around it, I would say good luck getting sales. Or in another way what’s the point of passing through the bare minimum project? We want sales after all, not just accepted projects with 0 sales. And for that surprise surprise, you also need creative ideas, and excellent execution :smiley:

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Thank you