I thought I had discovered a new and valuable place to use as a great resource to buy and sell my services. So, I bought a template called Roua Hipster and installed it according to instructions 5 times. Then I asked for support and after three days I’m still left with a screwed up Wordpress site. It was the template. It makes me think this whole Envato thing is a fake. I highly recommend anyone should stay away from these people.

There are few things you should consider before placing a bad review for Envato.
First: Are you sure that you installed a wordpress theme not, for example, one from HTML category?
Second: Are you sure it is not your server fault?
Third: If it is none of the above - did you contact the theme author or directly Envato? Because only Theme Authors are responsible to answer your support ticket.

I wouldn’t place a bad review unless it was deserved. A guy named Vlad was working on this. I am sure my hosting account is working and the error I get and have gotten from the start is Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/p/l/a/platawhitebird/html/hughnu/wp-content/themes/roua-wp/admin/tcm-theme-lock/includes/class-mailchimp-api.php on line 3
I’ve sent ten support tickets at least. I’ve been designing sites for a long time and I was excited to find Envato as it seems like it’s the best resource I’ve come upon in a long time. It’s unfortunate no one including the author can help.

Hey there, if you want i can have a look and try to fix that error. Drop me an email through my profile page’s contact form http://goo.gl/fFHLSq with the admin credentials and i’ll try to install WPIDE plugin to gain access to theme files and i’ll have a look into the code.


hi i understand your frustration, but think about it, if a redhead (this is an example) does something wrong , would u feel like that this is fair that all redheads are considered as A–holes because of what an isolated guy did? well, that is more or less basically what u are doing, assimilating all people out of experiencing only one thing from one person and this is pretty unfair …

i think that u have been drawing conclusions a bit too hastily and sorry to say just that but u could also blame yourself for making the wrong choice , what u did not seem to do. Indeed , this is easier to blame other people than ourselves.

I am really deeply sorry for you if u have ever met a guy that did something that was not matching with what u had been expecting for when it comes the service provided here, u can believe me … however, try to think about it, items cannot be complete craps like u mentioned as there is a quality control team checking everything and that getting approved is a hard thing to do unless u offer at least a rather satisfying work in any case …

after that, if the item was approved , this means that this is working and that some other guys could handle it / use it … even if u did not.

u had to deal with a guy who did not stick to helping people out , this is not good and he can be blamed for this, for sure, but this is the issue OF THIS GUY ONLY, not of other guys and not even of envato in a way … so please think about it because the whole body of authors and envato services must not be disparaged because of what one guy only turned out to do …

a last point if envato services were that bad (as u described), do u really believe that they would be the leaders in marketplace things? of course not! people would have bought , failed to be satisfied and never return, and this is really not what happens indeed … so that probably reminds all people off the fact that this is difficult to satisfy all people and that sometimes buttes can face something a bit disappointing but that the general quality is here and that this is the reason why the site is working this well for this long …

Yes I was a bit rash and irritated.

OK everyone… With help from people that read it and responded to my negative post about this theme it works. The problem wasn’t with the theme I. Although I didn’t get any requirements for this to work in Wordpress I found I needed to have my server the latest versions of Php and MySql and to have the memory allocated to the php.ini file to be above 64MB. So far that has gotton me past the parser error. I owe the author and the help from Envato an apology. So I apologize! Onward.

and n2n44… are you sure the person is really a redhead? There are a lot of phonies on the Internet and I’ve met quite a few. However this attitude shouldn’t carry over to everyone. I’d rather be open to believing what I see than to start out from a place of skepticism. But I must say that there are plenty of vultures flying around out there and I have become a bit calloused from the bad experiences.

My whole point of setting up this site is to be a place for artists and psychologists doing art therapy to share. I need to be smiling and positive. Thanks for pointing out that I drifted into shit land. n2n44 you have redirected my thinking of this experience as a valuable lesson.Thanks!