Disappearance of all the products on the online shop (Theme Savory)

I have a very big problem with the WooCommerce plugin installed in the Savoy Theme, it is damaging my whole business.
All the products from the online shop disappeared living the page empty.
I texted you last week but still without any reply! I need a prompt reply from your side!!!
Please find below the original email sent you last week:
"A part of the previous ongoing problem, I have another much more serious and urgent to solve:
Doing tests with the online store, and after changing the url of the main page of the store (now under the name of “Shop”), the products have stopped appearing on it, and only the following message is seen; “There are not product that match the selection”. Why does it occur? Could it be due to Php version of the host (I’m using 7.3) or Permaliks or incompatibility with some plugins …?
Regarding the other problem of the alignment of the elements on the right side of the menu bar, you can see it directly in: www.landtripthisway.com.
Thank you very much for your time, and I would appreciate a solution this week (ASAP), because the problem is serious and we cannot continue with the business.
Awaiting for your prompt reply

Hello @Lavidesign

Welcome to the forums! Have you tried to reach out to Savoy theme author for support? If not, please use following section:

I’m sure the author @NordicMade will be able to point you in the right direction.



Hey @AlekseyZhdanov,
first of all many thanks for your reply.
Yes I tried many times to reach out the author but I didn’t receive any answer yet, still waiting.
Thanks again

Hi @Lavidesign

This author’s response time can be up to 1 business day.

Please use the link: https://nordicmade.ticksy.com

I’m sure the author @NordicMade will be able to point you in the right direction.


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Thanks @AlekseyZhdanov!