Disabling Gutenberg editor from the backend

This is my first time doing some requirement research for submitting a custom WordPress theme to ThemeForest. If I have a theme that does not focus on the complexity of using Gutenberg, and works better with the classic text editor, will disabling Gutenberg from my functions.php be held against me in my submission process?

My custom theme will have nothing to do with using Gutenberg blocks or the CSS it provides, for the direction on how I want customers to edit content.

Thanks for any tips!

In my opinion, themes should handle visual things and the appearance, while the functionality should be handled by separate plugins.

There are already a couple of plugins available out there which can disable Gutenberg editor while keeping only the text editor.

I’m not a reviewer, but I don’t think this will be accepted :frowning: Maybe ThemeForest authors will help better with the answer to this.