Disable reflection in C4D


I want to disable the reflection in cinema 4d. My object is reflecting other things, but it is also reflecting the softbox and I dont want that. How can I disable the softbox reflection without loosing the light of it?



Can you post the render?


You would need to add a compositing tag to the light or object you want to hide in reflection, and uncheck Seen by reflection


You can also disable reflection rendering globally in the Render Settings window… or you could just consider turning reflection off for the material.

If you want to stop a specific object from being reflected in another, then as Elements pointed out you can use a compositing tag. By unchecking “seen by reflection”, you stop it from reflecting globally. Alternatively, you could drop the other object into the Exclusion tab, making sure that the reflection icon is on and then the object will be reflected in everything other than the excluded object.


Thank you guys!