Directory theme and delivey area

Hi there!
I am looking for a theme that can manage a local directory.
In that directory I want to list local providers of home delivery.
I wanna be able to search by kind of provider (pizza, beautician, hairdresser, groomer, ect…) and /or by city where they act.
In my mind I don’t care about provider adress (only phone and web site are useful), but I have to know the list of city where he can moves.
In the area I work for, ther is about 25 cities.
Do you know any them to suggest?
Thanks for your help!


You may be able to use a business directory plugin. Most will have pretty good customization options or sub categories you can use for the various cities.

Here are a few options:

There are also business directory themes you may be able to use:

Hope one of those works for you! Let us know how it goes :smiley:


I have a wordpress website, it’s actually mobile related news portal, And this time, I am thinking a bout to add directory functionality in my website. So that all the mobile shops and their location and contact information is available in my website. You can have a look in my website. Here you go!