Directory Pro

Hi, I have bought 2x Directory Pro licenses.
There is 6-month of support. I have a problem with this plugin and I sent lots of emails to the author but I have not any answer.
What can I do please?
How can I get my money back?
I have not any chat or other help on Envato site.
This is very annoying.

Can anyone help me with this plugin, please?

Thank you.


In the plugin comments I can see your 2/3 Comments and Author has replied you and guide you how to get their support. So, please co-operate with the plugin author to get support from them because plugin author are most expert about their plugin functionality.

If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the request form.


Yes, he sent me his email address, and I sent 3 emails but I have got any answer yet.

Can you send me a link where can I find his answer please?

Hi, then please let them know in Comments that you have sent them 3 emails but no reply from them. Thanks

I have deactivated the plugin and I have activated again and now is working fine, but I could not find where can I type in the purchase code.
So if anyone can help me…

please check you will find a link named as like ‘Activation or register’ the plugin. Go for activation/register you will find a field to put purchase code. Thanks

I have find his comment, but he sent me his email address, that is all. I have got any answer to my questions, but I have sent 3-4 emails in the last 40 days.

I have found my purchase codes, but I could not find this “settings” in the “Directory” in my site admin.

I found it on his site:

  1. Login to your website if not yet logged in and go to the WordPress administration dashboard.
  2. Click Directories in the admin sidebar.
  3. Click the Settings tab and then the Licenses sub-tab.
  4. Copy and paste your purchase code to all the text input fields displayed.

Please post your last reply in the Plugin comments and ask them. they will guide you best because they are most expert about their item functionality. Please let them know every query/issues in comments and also let them know that you have emailed them. I beleive Plugin author will assist you. Thanks

The plugin is working now.
Just I would like to type the purchase code into the Licences sub-tab but there is not any Settings tab in the Directories.
There is just: All items, Add new, Categories, Tag
Thank you for your help.