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The author has withdrawn the content however i have a site running on this. Whenever i try and make changed in my site, it’s failing an api check which therefore takes me to an error page. This is a pain and i would appreciate a workaround to this.

Did you mean that the item has been removed? Or is the author’s website down? Have you tried to contact the author for the support?

Yes it’s been removed which creates a problem as it seems to do some sort of license validation but is not matching to any active licenses. Therefore I cannot make any modifications.

There’s no option to contact support unfortunately.

As the support is being provided by the author, I don’t think there’s not much to offer as suggestions but if you’re looking for some paid support/job, I’m available and I don’t mind to take a look at the project for an estimate.

In case of interest, you can drop me an email to discuss the details.